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Bridge Over River


My goal as a counselor is to meet each individual where they are.   Part of this process is developing a counseling relationship where an individual, of any age, can feel comfortable enough to heal and grow.  I have worked closely with many individuals that have had previous experiences in counseling that did not feel comfortable for them. My goal is to ensure you feel safe, heard, and supported during counseling. 


$120: 50-60-minute individual session

$150: 90-minute family session

Accepted Insurances: 

Cigna, Aetna, United Healthcare, Oscar Health, Oxford

Counseling for children and teens is a strength and passion of mine.  When working with this group, building trust and a genuine relationship is key.  At times, youth can be reluctant to share or engage in counseling.  I have a lot of success connecting with youth in these cases in order for them to reach their personal goals while also helping the family unit heal.  I have experience working with youth with anxiety; depression; self-injury, selective mutism, school avoidance, substance use and abuse; trauma; grief and loss; defiance; and anger management concerns. 

I am an LGBTQ-affirming therapist.  I support individuals of all genders and sexual orientations to feel more connected to themselves, partners, friends and community. I provide an open space to talk about issues related to gender identity and sexuality such as: Increasing self-acceptance, coming out, LGBTQ family building, and referral letters for gender affirming healthcare. 

More information about Referral Letters for Gender Affirming Healthcare:

I believe in making this process as accessible and easy to navigate as possible to reduce barriers to receiving valuable and lifesaving healthcare.  My goal is to offer one-session assessment and letter writing whenever possible.  These sessions generally are 90-minute sessions.  The cost for an evaluation and letter is $75.  If you are interested in continued services, these services are available at the rates outlined above. 


 Call 407-489-9794 for a free consultation. 

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